WhatsApp bans my account: here's how to unblock your WhatsApp Business account and prevent it from happening again

WhatsApp is an integral part of life and work. Facebook, which is now called Meta, saw its potential and acquired it in 2014 for $19 billion, which was 12 times higher than the previous year's valuation. Despite the "migration wave" to Signal due to the change in privacy terms, WhatsApp is still the world's most prevalent messaging app, with more than 20 hundred million monthly active users worldwide. The status of WhatsApp is completely unshaken. 


Due to its dominant position, WhatsApp has become businesses’ favorite tool to communicate with customers. For some, it has even become the only tool. However, in the unfortunate event that a WhatsApp Business account is suddenly banned, the communication will be cut off entirely. Even if you request to unblock the account, you still have to wait meanwhile, you cannot contact the outside world during the suspension period. 


What to expect when the WhatsApp account is banned?


When your account is banned, you will see the following message when you try to get access to WhatsApp: "Your phone number is banned from using WhatsApp. Contact support for help."

If your appeal is successful, the suspension will only last one week, otherwise, your account will be permanently suspended. In the worst case, you won't be able to log in to the same account in the future, and you will lose all of your contact and conversations.


Why is my WhatsApp Business account banned?


If you want to use WhatsApp for commercial purposes, you must follow the "game rules". To prevent your account from being blocked, you can try to avoid some pitfalls:


1. Send advertising messages


Sending advertising messages in bulk is risky. Merchants who are eager to promote their products and services may spam users with messages. When promotional messages consist of too many links or explicit promotion wordings, they can be scanned by the system easily and blocked.


2. Send messages automatically or in large quantities in a short period


You also need to avoid sending messages automatically or in large quantities during a short period of time. The use of third-party software to automatically send many messages is easy for the system to detect, so do not try to use WhatsApp to send a large number of messages, automated messages, or automated dial-out calls. Do not manually send the same promotional message to different contacts. You will definitely regret it when you get blocked.


3. Multiple reports were made in a short period


In addition to the system's automatic detection, another indicator that decides whether to block your account is the reports that WhatsApp has received. Your account will be blocked when you are frequently reported by the receivers when they find your blast too spammy. Remember marketing 101: Don’t be too annoying when it comes to promotion. 


Besides, WhatsApp uses AI technology to detect unusual activities and then bans accounts that send automated messages without authorization and automatically create accounts or groups. 

4. Violate WhatsApp's terms of service


Posting fake news and hate speech, engaging in illegal, threatening, intimidating, and sending hateful and racial or ethnic discrimination behaviors are prohibited on WhatsApp. Check out WhatsApp Terms of Service.


5. Send broadcast messages excessively 


Contacts will only receive messages sent through the broadcast list if they add your phone number to their address book. But if you use broadcast messages too often, it can easily lead to reports of your messages. Meanwhile, if WhatsApp receives multiple reports, it will consider this a misuse, and your account will be blocked.


What to do if your WhatsApp account is banned


In the unfortunate event that your WhatsApp account is disabled, if your business relies heavily on WhatsApp to connect with consumers, the only way out is to file an appeal to WhatsApp. The following section shows how to unblock a WhatsApp account and how to prevent the same thing from happening again.


1. File an appeal

The first action you can take is to appeal.


1. First of all, find out your account category. For instance, if you own a small shop and you use your personal phone number to send messages, you should select "WhatsApp Messenger Support" for help. 


2. Then, click on "Contact Us" to contact WhatsApp Messenger to resolve the issue.

                                                   Credit: WhatsApp


(1). Fill in your mobile phone number, email address, and the version of WhatsApp you use. 


(2). Write down the details of the problems you encounter, such as the reason for being blocked, and why you believe that there is a misunderstanding. 


If you're already using a WhatsApp Business account, you should send an email to [email protected] to file an appeal. 


3. Tips for filing an appeal


1. Use corporate emails, not personal emails.


2. When introducing yourself, you can mention that you are a salesman, and the data of the company's main customers are in the banned WhatsApp accounts. 


3. Politely ask the WhatsApp specialist to unblock your account quickly as many important customers are contacting you.


4. Follow up daily and keep in touch with WhatsApp.


4. Wait

The second step is to wait since there is nothing else you can do. After sending the information to WhatsApp, you just have to wait for the result. Keep your finger crossed.


5. Evaluate and take notes on the lesson learned

While waiting, you should also reflect on the reasons for being blocked so that the same situation will not happen again. Promotions via the WhatsApp campaign might be tricky. The following tips are for you to advertise your business in the correct way:


Tip #1 Send messages in batches


If you are blocked because you send an automated or large number of messages in a short period, it is necessary to pay attention to it in the future. It is safer to limit the number of messages you send at a time and send bulk messages in batches.


Tip #2 Stop hard selling


There are many ways to promote your business. If you sell hard, it is easy to annoy people, and they will report your account. You may personalize your messages, send some holiday greetings, or treat them as a friend while you chat. Building long-term relationships is more effective than any promotional material. Genuine engagement helps improve customer loyalty!


Tip #3 Always be patient

Rushing success is the main reason why many accounts are blocked. It is necessary to remember that "more haste, less speed". If your account is blocked again, it will be blocked for a longer period, and there will be a greater chance of being permanently blocked by WhatsApp.





Best precautions to prevent WhatsApp ban

Use the official version of the WhatsApp Business API

For some companies, as their businesses grow larger, they need to broadcast a large number of messages faster. WhatsApp Business API, which allows large and medium-sized enterprises to connect with customers everywhere securely, is exactly what businesses need. It uses API technology to bring together a variety of features such as automated reply, multi-person collaboration, batch broadcasting, connecting to additional enterprise management systems, etc.


In addition, WhatsApp Business API offers other benefits by combining with the WAppSenderPro platform for the following functions:


1. Multiple logins

Multiple team members can use WAppSenderPro to log in to the same WhatsApp account at the same time to chat with customers. You no longer need to share the same device and you won’t be logged off just because another person logs in to the same account.


2. Personalized messages

You can make your messages personalized by adding the names of each customer.


3. Sending test messages

Before sending broadcast messages, you can send yourself a test message and make sure that the copy is correct.


4. Broadcasting custom messages

For more information, see our introduction to WhatsApp's mass messaging features.


Organize customer data regularly for multiple backups

Relying solely on one social media platform is relatively risky. it is recommended that businesses should do the backup work rather than rely on WhatsApp alone to record data. 


WAppSenderPro can help you seamlessly connect with your WhatsApp and become your virtual concierge. It allows you to manage conversations from multiple WhatsApp numbers in one place and helps you offer a better customer experience.