WhatsApp sends bulk messages automatically?

WhatsApp is one of the most popular social media software around the world, which has billions of users. It also contains a huge market, officially overtaking Facebook Messenger. For marketers, Whatsapp has been a tough opportunity to crack. This is why so many people choose to market on WhatsApp. There are too many WhatsApp marketing tools on the internet. How can we distinguish which one is the best marketing tool?

As far as I know, WAppSenderPro is the best tool for WhatsApp marketing. There are some reasons as follows:

For marketing, the first step is to find your potential contacts. We have to spend a lot of time collecting them before. But with this tool, we can scrape thousands of contacts from the internet in just one click. Just input some keywords, then it can grab up to tens of thousands of WhatsApp contacts in a short time.

It can send bulk messages to thousands of users in just one click. you can send all kinds of information such as emojis, text, images, audio, video, link, pdf, word documents, ppt, etc…

The broadcast and group features allow you to send messages to many people on WhatsApp. However, they have limitations, for example, they cannot have more than 256 members and cannot send messages to unsaved people. So, if you have more than 256 people to send messages to or if you want to send messages to non-friends, you can use the WappsenderPro tool.

There can be many invalid or bot contacts among the collected contact numbers. To make sure your efforts don’t go to waste you should always verify your contacts before sending any message.

Besides, this tool can even spin your text automatically to make your message unique and your customers can receive unique messages. 

The filter contacts function of this tool can help to filter whether the number is a WhatsApp number, which makes your work more efficient.